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Client case study

Insurance industry creative growth strategy

The client’s problem

A startup niche insurer had achieved initial success with their online insurance product, and they were looking to scale their business utilising a long-term creative growth strategy.

Prior to engaging Digital Architects to optimise and scale their online marketing channels, they had run their own digital marketing campaigns in-house. The result of an in house strategy with limited resources was:

  • No creative strategy
  • Low return-on-ad-spend for paid search and paid social campaigns…
  • including high budget wastage due to a lack of paid search and social skill sets in-house
  • No organic website visibility
  • No long-term content marketing strategy

The client approached Digital Architects with a brief to:

  1. Reduce budget wasted
  2. Improve ROAS
  3. Reduce reliance on and scale paid media campaigns (profitably) 
  4. Start an organic content marketing campaign

The solution

Part 1, discovery research

The first phase of the the client engagement was a discovery research project, which included delivery of the following research and strategic analyses:

  1. Data integrity audit - Analytics
  2. Paid media audit - Growth marketing 
  3. Website strategy - Content marketing & information architecture - Growth marketing
  4. Search intent analysis
  5. Content audit
  6. Content strategy and content implementation plan
  7. Website taxonomy & information architecture audit and strategy
  8. CRO auditing
  9. Structural and technical audit - Technical SEO
Campaign lifecycle
marketing strategy flow chart - discovery

Campaign lifecycle
marketing strategy flow chart - planning and setup

The solution

Part 2: Analytics optimisation

Analytics implementation:

  • Prior to optimising the tagging and tracking setup, the client was not utilising best practices, nor utilising a tag management solution
  • Digital Architects implemented Google Tag Manager and migrated all tags to GTM, whilst improving conversion and revenue tracking, as Revenue was not being tracked in Google Analytics

This allowed us to correctly optimise digital campaigns to improve overall business performance.

The solution

Part 3: Paid media optimisation

  1. The second part of the the client engagement was to improve their paid media implementation - both the creative and technical elements of paid media:
  • Critical issue:  High-level of paid media budget wastage
  • What we did:  
  • Focused in improving efficiency of Google Ads: 
  • Stopped bidding on irrelevant keywords and audiences
  • Optimised campaigns, by reducing excess spend - cost in month 1 was reduced by -35%
  • Made the most of Meta Ads - new creative, new audiences, new performance tracking, account and campaign structure optimisation
  • Total ROAS improved from 3.13 to 4.79 in the first month
Campaign lifecycle
marketing strategy flow chart - planning and setup

Campaign lifecycle
marketing strategy flow chart

The solution

Part 4: Creative strategy and ad creative

The last part of the solution was to introduce new ad creative and refine the creative strategy.

What we did:

  • Executed seasonal creative for the first time to keep things relevant and fresh for users, and reduce Ad fatigue.
  • Restructured the Ad account to refine the user funnel and gain control over spending to drive maximum revenue when the opportunity arises.
  • Launched 'high-end' creative to increase engagement with specific market segments to increase revenue.

Initial Results

Month 1 Revenue and ROAS:

  1. Google Ads Results month 1: 
  2. Reduced excess spend and budget wastage by -35%
  3. Increased Revenue by +25%
  4. Google Ads ROAS doubled from 0.97 to 1.95
  5. Total ROAS improved from 3.13 to 4.79 in the first month

Year 1 results

Month 13:

  1. First year’s results after a 12-month creative growth strategy:
  2. Total Revenue has increased by +49.7% YoY
  3. Average insurance premium +49.2% YoY
  4. Meta Ads revenue +536% YoY
  5. Google Ads revenue +112% YoY

Long-term results - Year 1 Revenue

Year 1 results:

  1. Total Revenue increased 44.31% when comparing September 2023 to September 2022 (and +49.5% when comparing October 2023 with October 2022)
  2. Average revenue per purchase has increased 25% when comparing September 2023 to September 2022 (~$240 to ~$300)

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